CSS3 - New Version of Cascading Style Sheets

Better maintenance - Shorter load times - More versatile

css3 enhanced designCSS3 is a new version of cascading stylesheets mostly benefitting the design properties of a website.  CSS3 allows better maintenance, shorter loading times and more versatile layout design properties.

Design elements are implemented in a less complicated manner.  Some of the advantages of the newer CSS3 over the older style cascading style sheets are:

  • Multi-column layout - multi-column layout without use for multiple "div" statements
  • Multiple backgrounds - adds multiple layerd backgrounds to an element using multiple properties
  • Text shadow - adds dimensions to designs and makes text stand out
  • @Font-face-attribute - better typography to web design
  • Border radius - provides curved corner to all background images
  • Border image - indicates the image of the boarder for an element
  • Box shadow - adds a shadow to a design element
  • Box sizing - better designs for browser calculations
  • Media queries - different styles for different devices
  • File size and loading time improvement


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